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Polymeric desiccant articles and process for their manufacture

Articles comprising a substrate and a polymeric desiccant either impregnated therein or coated thereon are disclosed as well as processes for their manufacture. The invention also contemplates a process for synthesizing a polymeric dessicant in particulate form for use as such or for use as a coating material for desiccant articles.

Desiccant Cooling at the University of Lincoln: A Case Study

S. P. Halliday
GAIA Research, Edinburgh

C. B. Beggs

School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds,

The desiccant cooling cycle is a novel open heat-driven cycle which can be used both to cool and to dehumidify air. Although desiccant cooling systems have been used in Scandinavian buildings for over 20 years, they have only relatively recently been used in the United Kingdom (UK). This paper describes the operation of a desiccant cooling system at the University of Lincoln, which was among the first facilities in the UK to install such a system. The desiccant system at the University of Lincoln was monitored for the period September 1998 to August 1999. The results of this monitoring programme reveal the system to be an effective low-energy solution.

Key Words: Desiccant • Cooling • Heat-driven cycle • Heat powered cycle • University of Lincoln

A review of desiccant cooling systems

This paper describes recent published design advances that have been made in desiccant cooling systems.^In desiccant cooling cycles, the desiccant reduces the humidity of the air by removing moisture from the air.^Then the temperature is reduced by other components such as heat exchangers, evaporative coolers, or conventional cooling coils.^The main advantage that desiccant cooling systems offer is the capability of using low-grade thermal energy.^Desiccant cooling systems for residential and commercial applications are now being used to reduce energy-operating costs.^However, the initial costs are comparatively high.^The focus of research for the past decade has been to develop desiccant systems with a high coefficient of performance.^Recent studies have emphasized computer modeling and hybrid systems that combine desiccant dehumidifiers with conventional systems.

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